This character was a witch with magical powers like a wizard, and she became a professor at the Spy Academy. She is often seen in her class. Her name is later revealed to be Emma. She the successor of Helena.


Spy Academy 8Edit

In this film Emma appeared in the battle.

Spy Academy 9Edit

In this film Emma appeared during and after the battle.

Spy Academy 10Edit

In this film Emma first appears when the new headmistress is announced and later telling her "Congrats".

She later appeared in her room when The New Headmistress asked her about the Battle of Wizards (which she was apart of). She has a big flashback then.


  • Professor of Witch Craft at Spy Academy: 1990-present
  • Head of Witches: 1990-present
  • Head of Wizards: 1990-present (Shared with others)


  • She wears a long red dress shaped like a M at the top. She also wears a red witch hat, and black hair. She is sometimes seen with Black robe.