• Headmaster - The Ice Demons ganged up on him and froze him. They then pushed over him shattering him into millions of pieces.
  • Helena - While in the sky on her broom shooting with her wand, she is then struck and falls to the ground and slowly dies.
  • Emma - When she got the tower two Ice Demons made a poisoness potion and dropped it all over the floor melting all three of them.
  • Weather Princess - She sacrafised herself by going into the sky and using all her power and exploding into a rain storm.
  • Beck and KeKe - It is mentioned they died in the battle.
  • Ramona - Matilda killed her in a duel.
  • Fairy Godmother - The Huntress shot her in the back with an arrow.
  • Vampire Girl - When she exits the building, the sun burns her to dust.
  • Protector of the Princess - She pushed the Princess out of the way and she got shot by the Huntess's arrow in the stomach.
  • Derk - He is killed in duel.
  • Robby - An ogre steps on him.
  • Ther'mos - He along with his assistant are killed in the battle.
  • Huntress - When she puts on the Princesses crown it destroys her.


  • Headmistress - While some of the gang is distracting her, two of them takes small knifes off the wall and throw them threw her stomach.
  • Nurse's Assistant - She is thrown into a shelf filled with medicine and needles and it falls on her hurting her.
  • Bella - An Ogre hit her into the wall and she fell to the ground.